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14.-15. August 2021
Morgins VS
14.-15. August 2021
Morgins VS

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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

For sports fans with brains

The SIMM (Swiss International Mountain Marathon) is THE unique outdoor event for orienteers, mountain, running, endurance and adventure athletes, trail runners, walkers and hikers, in a team of two, as a couple or with the family, in short: For sports fans with brains!
The way of the prescribed control points is freely selectable and only with the help of map and compass as well as the own food and safety equipment to cope. A minimum of material for the overnight stay at the finish of the first stage in the area, for food and first aid is required and must be carried in the backpack over the entire distance.
The two categories Trail-Marathon Strong and Trail-Marathon Light lead mostly along the hiking trails. Basic knowledge of map reading is sufficient. For experts in handling the map, there are 3 courses of different lengths as an 'Orienteering marathon'.


SIMM for the first time on

The SIMM 2020 is open for the first time to find. The runners can enter the route they ran during the competition themselves on this ingenious website. The routes drawn can then be compared with one another and displayed as an animation.

We look forward to as many teams as possible drawing their routes. You don't even need a login and it's very easy to use. The more routes that are drawn in, the more exciting the route analysis becomes to find out who went through where. Anyone who had a sports watch with GPS recording with them at the competition can download the track from the watch and access it Upload.


Course 1,3,7, and 9 Day 1  Day 2
Course 5 Score Day 1  Day 2

Joy reigns - names of the lucky winners

The Foundation joy prevails generously supported the SIMM 2020. We were allowed to pay CHF 20 in cash to 20 teams with young people under 50 years of age. Since there were significantly more than 20 teams in question, a lot was drawn. The following teams are the lucky winners:

Start no. Name
306 Thomas Rüegg u. Gian Meik
354 Beat, Sarah u. Urs Tinner
357 Cyrill et al. Luis Meier
358 Silas, Alex et al. Leony Röhrl
369 Lucia et al. Erik Lauenstein
371 Urs u. Annalena Zinniker
373 Andreas u. Sina Fuhrer
375 Thomas, Anna u. Áron Stüdeli
518 Mauro et al. Noah Bricalli
905 Joy et al. Cuki Vassalli
909 Seraina Fornerod, Haddassah Baugh
924 Hanspeter u. Elena Grundisch
926 Stéphane, Anine et al. Léna Ecoffey
927 Markus u. Antoine Wyss
928 Reto, Linus et al. Sophie Pusterla
931 Karin, Peter, Janna and Lynn Stucki

Successful SIMM 2020 in St. Antönien

From “Bock and Geiss” to “Bear Lake” in the Rätikon

Pleasing conclusion of the organizers on the 45. Swiss International Mountain Marathon in St. Antönien: again an increase in participants to over 350 runners - ideal summer weather - an extremely cooperative host community - perfect competition center and camp - only a few injuries - and an OK that has been well-rehearsed for years, which worked hand in hand for a week for the preparation and implementation of this traditional event . Everyone is looking forward to the “Porte du soleil” in Valais in 2021!

By Dieter Wolf, railway layer

Ursi Ruppenthal and Brigitte Wolf as women winners on the longest route “Orienteering Strong” only had to give way to five men’s teams and the couple Tamara Kamm and Marcel Ott and crossed the finish line just three hours after the outstanding brothers Andreas and Thomas Kyburz. OL World Championships reputation was of little use: especially in the rough Sunday stage in the rugged limestone fields under the Sulzfluh and the Drusenfluh, everyone had to go to their last reserves to cope with the long distance.

What had been meticulously prepared over a year and a half was very well received by most of the participants - the feedback was correspondingly positive at the camp with the Flütsch family in Gafiental, at the finish in the spacious St. Antönien schoolhouse and in newspaper reports and emails after the run. Nicolas Rouiller and Sandra Schärer, in the family team with their teenage daughters, thanked them «for the great weekend» like this:

«It was just perfect, everything was well organized, great area, a wonderful camp, a cozy atmosphere among the participants and great tracks. Thank you very much for your entire commitment, also throughout the year. We hope, of course, that this momentum with many participants will continue in the next few years, so that all the effort is worthwhile and that you will find enough helpers in the future ... We will take home a great experience. "

Whole clubs "save" the SIMM

For years, the Amriswil orienteering club has been participating with many teams and, above all, an encouragingly large number of boys - and for its 50th anniversary, the OLG Chur also made its participation a club event. A big thank you goes to the motivators and coordinators of these associations - their more than 50 participants virtually "tip the scales" for the balance of the SIMM, that's how the numbers are in the black.

It would be nice if more orienteering clubs started their trip to western Valais in 2021. In Morgins near the border with Savoy in France, in the international ski area of ​​the "Porte du Soleil", another new and varied running area awaits mountain orienteering fans. Once again, the organizers are warmly welcomed by the local tourism officials and the preparations are already in full swing. «A bientôt, nos amis sportifs!».

Photo gallery online

All photos of St. Antönien are online:

Image Gallery

These photos can be used expressly and free of charge for social media, websites and reports with reference to the source. Please link to our site, thank you. High resolution images for print on request.

In the Maps chapter you will also find the routes effectively run by the winning teams on the routes 1 Orienteering Marathon Strong and 3 Orienteering Marathon Light. Have fun studying, who may have been faster or slower where.

Pdf with links to the course on Swiss Topo

Ranking lists online

All Rankings are online.

The ranking lists are available on the website of the Swiss Orienteering Association, with additional displays such as graphics and split times:

Ranking lists Swiss Orienteering

Pdf with links to the course on Swiss Topo

PARCOURS 1 day 1

PARCOURS 1 day 2

PARCOURS 3 day 1

PARCOURS 3 day 2

PARCOURS 5 day 1

PARCOURS 5 day 2

PARCOURS 7 day 1

PARCOURS 7 day 2

PARCOURS 9 day 1

PARCOURS 9 day 2

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